First impressions are everything, and keeping your signs looking their best, and brightest will ensure that you are giving the very best first impression to those who see it.

The appearance of your signs has a great impact on how your business is perceived. Think about when you drive up to a hotel, or diner and if the sign is dark & unkempt- it makes you wonder how well they take care of the rest of the business and if you really want to eat in that diner. It just might be the best diner around with amazing food- but from the outside appearance, it looks dirty & neglected. Same thing with a hotel….do you really want to lay your head down in a bed where you think it might not be well maintained? I would keep on driving.

Regular maintenance is important to ensure that the signs are looking their best, free of cracks, weather damage, dirt & grime, and not loosening from high winds etc. It’s ideal to have the most up-to-date lighting and electrical to keep it bright & safe, and looking in tip-top shape! You’ll stand out from your neighbours for sure!


Give us a call, and we’ll help you give off that perfect first-impression!