If you run a business, big or small, vehicle wrapping can be an inexpensive method of 24-7 advertising.

Any business owner knows how important brand awareness is, and if you have a beautifully-designed brand, wrapping your vehicle will definitely benefit your business and the inquires you receive.

At Westcan, we wrap all of our trucks. With our bright, eye-catching colours, you’ll never mistake our trucks for anyone else!

When you compare truck wrapping to, say, a billboard, you have the opportunity to provide longer exposure to others on the road with you, when you’re out on the job, etc. You’re also promoting your business to your local market, to people who may actually be able to use your services. You’d be surprise at how many calls we get from people who “saw our truck at the business next door” and also require service.

You also have a lot of ‘real-estate’ to provide some context for your business, but you should keep it easy and immediately digestible, as you don’t want to distract people while they’re driving. However, when you’re parked, stuck in traffic, driving after work or grabbing a coffee, you have invested in advertising your business 24-7.

Truck Wrapping is also a less aggressive way of advertising. Some people are put off by extreme, in-your-face advertisements that are pushy. We are constantly bombarded by ads on TV, on the radio, all over our social media, so this is a nice change of pace.

This is just one avenue of advertisement that we partake in ourselves that we would highly recommend to anyone looking to invest a little more into their marketing, as long as it makes sense for their business and goals!

Questions about our Truck Wrapping service? Contact us here!