Last week, Kelsie Lewis, Account Manager for our CBRE account, and Regional Operations Manager, Jen Hofman flew out to Toronto to accept an award for Outstanding Contributions in 2018 on behalf of Suncor.

The award was based on overall achievement in many different categories, such as Safety, KPI reporting, Customer service & Innovation.

What that means is:

Westcan is committed to getting work done in a timely manner. Safety is always top priority while we are on site. We make sure we try to stay within our NTE when given one. We do everything we can to ensure emergencies are completed within the same day of them being reported, and leaving sites safer than when we arrived to them.

Westcan would like to thank Kelsie for her amazing contributions to this account and acknowledge that she’s a good reason why we were nominated for this award.

“I enjoyed the opportunity to meet the customers that I deal with on a daily basis face to face, it was great to be able to meet and see how other companies work and process the jobs they send to us!” said Kelsie.

“Westcan Lighting won the Outstanding Contribution Award, and Antonis from CBRE gave a speech about Westcan and had nothing but great things to say about us. Our Safety program is always 100% with the LMRA and Near Miss reports we have to send in along with our Safety Audits. He mentioned that we bring forward dangerous situations before the store calls it in. We always make sure to keep CBRE and their customers (Petro Canada) up to date with anything major that is going on with their sites. We go out of our way to make sure emergencies are always taken care of and sites are made safe.”

He also acknowleged that Westcan was helping out in SK before we had the contract for that area. He said they had been struggling have proper coverage in an area and Westcan stepped up to assist when needed, ultimately taking full responsibility of the area and providing great service levels.