When you find the perfect location for your business, you may jump on it without considering the landscape around your new business and your signage needs. Some businesses can be in a fantastic location but are surrounded by trees and shrubs. This can impact signage placement and type and might mean you need more creative solutions. 

Installing signage solutions on a building with low visibility can be a challenge, but it’s far from impossible. Talk to your favourite full-service signage company about materials that reflect light well in order to make sure your signage really stands out. 

Signage Solutions for Buildings that Have Low Visibility

If the exterior of your building is covered by trees and you wouldn’t be able to see any installed signage, a great option could be pylon signage, banners, or monument signage. 

Pylon signs are also known as highway signs. Especially if your building is hidden, you want to ensure customers know where to turn in order to get to your parking lot. Pylon signs are great to promote your business from a distance, and they can really stand out. Whether you choose an illuminated option or not, a pylon sign is a great option. 

Banners are a cost-effective option that could be ideal for buildings with a lot of trees and shrubs in front. In places like Alberta, Manitoba, and Saskatchewan, our trees lose their leaves in the winter, which should help with visibility issues, so something more cost-effective might be the best solution for your business when your signage might only be visible for half of the year. 

Monument signs 

Freestanding monument signs offer flexibility for those businesses that struggle with visibility. While they have to be approved with permits and other documents, these durable, beautiful signs can be a game changer for some businesses. Like pylon signs, they can be helpful for customers to find you, even at a distance. 

Vehicle Wrapping

While vehicle wrapping won’t replace your traditional signage, it can be a great way to advertise your business on the go. Make sure to include company branding and contact information, and keep it as simple as possible!

Lighting Solutions

Planning for the lighting you may need is equally important, as the right lighting can further enhance your desired look and improve visibility. Creative use of colour, shapes, and sizes is also key for making sure customers find their way to your door regardless of the weather or time of day. Invest in quality signage solutions from experienced professionals and make a statement!

When you have difficulty seeing the signage for your building in low visibility conditions, it can be frustrating to potential customers and visitors. To combat this problem, consider investing in specialized lighting and reflective materials that are specifically designed to make your signs more visible. 

Motion-activated exterior lighting also helps people find their way inside after dark, while high-contrast signage colours increase visibility no matter the light conditions. Ultimately, these solutions allow you to improve visibility without compromising on style or damaging existing aesthetics.

It’s no secret that signage can impact the success of your business. Even with the largest marketing budgets, if customers can’t find your brick-and-mortar location, you won’t get sales because people won’t know where your business is. Avoid that with the help of the team at Westcan. 

If you’re a new business owner looking for creative signage solutions from a professional team who can handle your job from start to finish, call Westcan today.