gogreenlogo2You would be surprised at how much energy and money you can save by converting exterior signage to more energy efficient options, such as LED Retrofitting, replacing magnetic ballasts to electronic ballasts, changing T12 bulbs to T8 bulbs and more!

Many organizations are looking to save money and reduce their carbon footprint. Sometimes the most obvious energy saving options come from looking outside at exterior signage. Let us look at your existing signage, and find ways we can reduce your energy costs and help you “Go Green”.

Did you know?

  • Most provinces have programs that can help you finance an LED conversion project. Westcan Sign & Lighting can help with your planning and application for these programs!
  • Often the energy savings can pay for most of the cost of the conversion
Contact WestCan Sign and Lighting for an evaluation of your existing sign and lighting with ways that we can help improve energy efficiency in your business.
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