Why Neon is Still a Bright Light in the Industry

Whether or not you’re a signage geek, neon signs are pretty cool and they still garner a lot of attention. In fact, our sister company Electric Glass Company just launched in Vancouver. Neon signage is as popular as ever, and here’s why:    You can’t miss it. It glows, it illuminates the space it’s given, [...]

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Signage for Retail Businesses

You may not know it yet, or have even considered it, but there are a variety of signage options for your retail business. Aside from exterior fascia, or your main business name/logo signage, there are plenty of signs you may need around the exterior and interior of your business. Here’s a list of the possibilities:  [...]

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How to Use LED Signage in Your Marketing Strategy

When your signage is bright and beautiful, it demands the attention of people passing by. The brightness that LED lighting provides is bound to draw in some customers. There are many reasons to upgrade to LED, and brightness is just one of them. Here’s why it should be part of your marketing strategy.     A [...]

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The Ultimate Signage Checklist

It can be easy to have little errors and mistakes slip through the cracks when you’re ordering your new signage. Luckily, when you choose to work with Westcan Sign and Lighting Service, we have a team of people that will ensure that your signage is correct and exactly what you envision. Before you’re ready to [...]

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Our New Elliott

This summer, John and Chris hit the road to Texas to pick up the newest addition to the Edmonton fleet. The Elliott L60 with Ford F750 allows for our Edmonton team to take on bigger jobs! Our new shop and office in Edmonton now offer 1.5 acres of yard space plus thousands of square feet [...]

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Prepping Your Signage for Fall & Winter

The dreaded ‘W’ word. We know. The leaves are barely changing colour, and here we are talking about winter. Part of being a business owner is planning. Your signage is a significant investment you’ve made, so we want to help keep it looking the very best. Having it professionally cleaned and maintained before the snow [...]

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Your Long-Lost Friend, Traditional Signage

Digital signage is the huge focus of our industry. While that is great, and digital options have opened up a world of new opportunities for companies and business owners, traditional signage still holds incredible value. If you’re looking to freshen up your brand or your brick and mortar location, traditional signage options can help. Here [...]

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Westcan Wins the CBRE Outstanding Contribution Award

Last week, Kelsie Lewis, Account Manager for our CBRE account, and Regional Operations Manager, Jen Hofman flew out to Toronto to accept an award for Outstanding Contributions in 2018 on behalf of Suncor. The award was based on overall achievement in many different categories, such as Safety, KPI reporting, Customer service & Innovation. What that means is: Westcan is [...]

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Why Should You Wrap Your Vehicle?

If you run a business, big or small, vehicle wrapping can be an inexpensive method of 24-7 advertising. Any business owner knows how important brand awareness is, and if you have a beautifully-designed brand, wrapping your vehicle will definitely benefit your business and the inquires you receive. At Westcan, we wrap all of our trucks. [...]

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