What does your sign say about your business?

First impressions are everything, and keeping your signs looking their best, and brightest will ensure that you are giving the very best first impression to those who see it. The appearance of your signs has a great impact on how your business is perceived. Think about when you drive up to a hotel, or diner [...]

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Westcan Lighting Service Request App Now Available!

We are proud to announce that the Westcan Lighting Service Request App is now available for your iphone. Send a Service Request complete with pictures with just a few clicks from your iphone! Click here to learn more Click here to download from iTunes

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And so it began

Westcan Lighting began as an extension of Chris’s Sign service in 2009 when the need for expansion beyond B.C. became necessary. Chris Davies had been running Chris’s Sign Service for 18 years at that point, concentrating on a high level of customer service. The need for servicing businesses in Alberta became so great, that it [...]

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