103How we will make your old sign look “like new” again 

  1. Secure the job site for safety. By roping off the designated area, we keep pedestrians out of danger & the necessary space available to work safely.
  2. Remove all necessary components. Hardware, brackets, exterior frames, panels & old lighting. By removing all these parts, we are able toaccess even the most hard-to-reach areas and do the most thorough clean possible.
  3. Inspect and repair as necessary any faulty electrical components. To prevent any hazards to the sign, we make sure everything is in great working conditions, such as the wiring, sockets, ballasts, transformers, etc… which can often deteriorate from the elements over time.
  4. Scrub, scrub, scrub! We take time to thoroughly clean the interior and exterior of the sign, including of course, the main face of the sign & the frame to keep your image looking superior! As a first impression of your business, the appearance of your sign is extremely important.
  5. Install new lighting! To get the best overall appearance, it is important to have uniform illumination. For this reason, as well as to reduce your cost of frequent service calls, we replace all the bulbs at the same time.
  6. Replace the shiny clean sign face, frame, hardware & brackets. We make sure everything is nice and secure, and fitting properly. Frequently we see, loose bolts, or bent and damaged frames, as a result of severe weather damage. We want to make sure everything is in tip-top shape for you!
  7. Clean up time! We are sure to clean up after ourselves, and leave the site in the condition it was found. We don’t want to leave behind any debris, or mess that may have occurred in the sign-cleaning process. It should look like we were never there (besides the sparkly clean, new-looking sign you now have)!
  8. Written recommendations as necessary. If during the cleaning process we find something to bring to your attention regarding your sign, or possible advice on how to extend the life of your sign or reduce maintenance costs, we will contact you with this important advice.