Did you know that 65% of the population are visual learners?

You can use this to your advantage in your visual marketing strategy by how your signage influences your potential customers.

Attracting new customers is the first step. By using premium signage, banners, window graphics, floor decals, etc. that are very high quality and well designed, will pique the interests of those passing by.

Once your customers are attracted to your business, your signage can be used to inform your customers as to what your business is about. Digital signage is especially great at this. Clear and concise information about products and services can be extremely helpful to customers, especially if they’re navigating your space for the first time.

Attracting and informing your customers lead them to being influenced. How your brand makes them feel, the colours and graphics you use all lead to the decision the customer makes about doing business with you.

Westcan Lighting Service can provide your business with complete signage services; from design and installation, to service and maintenance.