The dreaded ‘W’ word. We know. The leaves are barely changing colour, and here we are talking about winter. Part of being a business owner is planning. Your signage is a significant investment you’ve made, so we want to help keep it looking the very best.

Having it professionally cleaned and maintained before the snow and cold hits is essential to longevity. When you have your signage pressure washed and cleaned, and your exterior light bulbs replaced, it helps keep your first impression a lasting one. Preventative maintenance is always more cost-effective than an emergency call-out or situation that has escalated due to the weather.

With snow comes reduced visibility. If you have lights out or caked-on grime, you are immediately reducing the chance that existing and potential new customers will see your signage.

It’s more difficult for service providers to maintain and repair your exterior signage when extreme cold hits. Inspecting for cracks, wear and tear, dim lights and damage in the summer and fall can save you a possible disaster come winter.

We offer all the maintenance and services required to keep your signage looking it’s very best. We also provide all our clients the complimentary service of night drives, so we’re the first to know when your signage and lighting needs maintenance.

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