It can be easy to have little errors and mistakes slip through the cracks when you’re ordering your new signage. Luckily, when you choose to work with Westcan Sign and Lighting Service, we have a team of people that will ensure that your signage is correct and exactly what you envision. Before you’re ready to connect with us about creating your signage, here is a quick checklist you can reference to ensure your signage is ready for us to add the finishing touches!


Spell Checking

First and foremost, ensure everything is spelled correctly and your grammar is correct. Any mistakes can ruin your credibility with your audience. 


Colours & Visibility

Ensuring the colours you choose are exact matches to your branding is critical. Making sure your branding is consistent will help create a sense of familiarity in existing customers and brand recognition for others. Think of the “Golden Arches” which is always the exact same colour, surrounded by a familiar red. To keep your colours exactly the same on your new sign, find your company’s Pantone values or your CMYK codes and have them ready. Also, make sure your signage can be visible both in daylight and in the dark. For more tips on how to make your sign as visible as possible, check out our previous post about sizing recommendations here. 



Sometimes, you want to include all your important information on your signage and that’s just not possible due to legibility. We can help you decipher what information is most critical, but taking an inventory of what information you want people to have during their first impression is critical. Sometimes, less is more!



Consider what material you might want to use for your signage, and what makes sense based on where it will be located. Our harsh winters and weather changes might impact your decision. If you’re not sure, let our Westcan Sign Specialists know where you would like to install the sign and ask us for some suggestions.


If you’re looking to have a sign made and have a location in mind, send it our way! We’d love to connect over any project you might be interested in pursuing!