Winter is just around the corner, and along with that comes some weather that can be damaging to your sign. Here are the top 5 benefits of getting your signs and lighting maintained and inspected before the harsh winter rolls around;

  1. It’s getting darker out much earlier! You want to keep your signs looking bright all the time! It’s working for you 24/7, so treat it well!
  2. You’ll save money on labour costs, as it is much more time consuming to do repairs and maintenance once the snow sets in.
  3. You will also save money by taking preventative measures to prepare your signs for the harsh winter weather. By making sure your signs are secure and strong before the harsh wind and weather sets in, you will be one step ahead of any damage that would have occurred.
  4. Protect your company image! Keep your integrity by having a sharp looking, well maintained sign. Customers that see a dirty, broken and badly lit sign will be driven to the competition!
  5. Emergency calls can be quite costly- by taking preventative measures, and having a winter inspection done before it’s too late, will save you money in the long run.