Last month, we talked about the benefits of signs and how important they are for increasing the amount of business you receive. A great sign that really nails your branding is the perfect place to start, but there are a few more tips to increase your exposure, to really stand out from the crowd.


Digital Signage

Digital signage offers flexibility, creativity and is effective in making a statement. With the customization of colors, graphics, and motion, it can grab the attention of potential customers, particularly if you are a retail location trying to compete with others in the same area.

Vehicle Wrapping

A lot of business owners choose to put the logo and contact information on their vehicles, and for good reason! The more eyes that see your branding, the better!


Window and Floor Graphics


Window and floor graphics add value to retail locations, as they can be an unexpected way to make a bigger impact on a customer.


Monument Signs

(The Sign Authority)

Monument signs are typically away from the immediate building of a business but are an important Way-finding tool, as they can help direct people to your business if it’s not in an obvious location, or inside a building with other businesses. These types of signs are also great for letting people passing by know that you exist.