Whether or not you’re a signage geek, neon signs are pretty cool and they still garner a lot of attention. In fact, our sister company Electric Glass Company just launched in Vancouver. Neon signage is as popular as ever, and here’s why: 


You can’t miss it. It glows, it illuminates the space it’s given, and it really draws the attention of people passing by. 


Creating a custom neon sign is very doable, and it’s an art. Electric Glass Company has a team of artists and over 35 years of experience repairing and creating signage that makes a statement. 


There are plenty of colours to choose from, so you can take a classic signage form and make it more modern and eye-catching. 


“I always loved neon because it was a representation of the future from the people of the past,” he said. “There’s something that’s just so romantic about dark and neon. It can be really sleazy or it can be really romantic. It’s a really adaptive light.” – Randall Brelsford


Neon has been around for around 100 years but really became popular in the 1960s and 70s. Now, it’s retained its place in pop culture and is iconic. If you’re looking to have a custom neon sign created or need a sign repaired, contact us, and we can get the job done!