Meet Account Manager Robyn Brandow


7-Eleven/Esso/ FM/Vixxo, Michaels, Sportchek, Pet Smart, Atomosphere

What was your first job?

I was a Nanny

How long have you worked at Westcan Sign & Lighting Service?

3.5 years

What do you love about your job?

I really enjoy the people I work with, we have become really great friends! The flexibility Westcan offers really helps with my crazy family schedule.  There aren’t a lot of companies out there that accommodate us busy moms.   And of course how generous John is towards his employees.  He shows great appreciation, which is a great incentive for us to work extra hard and show up to work everyday!

Any funny stories from work you can share?

Well I think when Hofman sings Whitney Houston at the top of her lungs and scares the bleep out of us!!!!

Favorite Ice Cream?

Blackberry from Edaleen Dairy, sooooo good!