Years after most other jurisdictions took energy rebates for granted, the province of Alberta is finally getting with the times. Citizens are now incentivized to get greener and reduce their burden on the grid.

LED lights are the key to saving energy, which means saving money. Incandescent, halogen, metal halide, and high pressure sodium bulbs are slowly being relegated to the dustbin of history. Fixtures which use light-emitting diodes produce a higher quality of light, use a fraction of the energy, and last 5-10 times longer than traditional technologies. High-output T5 fluorescent tubes have their place in a greener future as well, but other than that, it’s all about the LEDs.

At Westcan, we don’t just provide pricing on LED solutions. We also calculate your rebate, tell you how much you’ll save annually on reduced energy and maintenance costs, and let you know how long your retrofit project will take to pay for itself. We even fill out all of the rebate paperwork for you, and file it with the government. You can then expect a cheque in your mailbox 20 business days after the government has seen our submission.

If you’re interested in getting free money from the government, it would be a good idea to contact us today. Alberta has only guaranteed 10 million dollars for the initial phase of the program, and they haven’t committed to anything beyond April 30th, 2018. Also, that money is earmarked for more than just lighting, so it could be gone fast!

If you bought LEDs or T5 HO tubes on or after March 24th, 2017, for installation in Alberta, there’s a good chance you’re eligible for rebates. We can even help you get pre-approved for a future project, to ensure you get your share of the pie. No one makes getting your rebates and seeing your savings as easy as Westcan.

Let us show you how your LED retrofit project can pay for itself! Just fill out the form below and a Westcan Sign and Lighting Service expert will contact you to get all the details and put together a plan to Go Green and save money!

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