LEDs contain no hazardous chemicals, they are easy to clean and they run cool. They are ideal for outdoor application, and they are tough enough to require minimal protection.

Worth the Investment.                  

High-quality LED’s can run up to 100,000 hours – that outlasts both neon and fluorescent lighting options. That means fewer replacements and more time and money saved for your business.


LED has a brilliance that allows for a bright, easy-to-read, easy on the eyes sign in day light or darkness. LED’s require fewer replacements, but also retain their brightness and brilliance for longer as well, compared to the alternatives.


Traditional types of signs are still effective, but LED signage has more benefits and appeals to a younger and tech-savvy audience.


LED signs use about 80% less power than neon signs, making it better for your electricity bills and better for the environment. They don’t contain harsh chemicals and they are recyclable.