Safety First!

Safety First!

Our regular safety meetings are a way for us to keep safety a high priority on a daily basis.  In the month of May, Westcan Lighting & Chris’s Sign Service had the opportunity to attend and be a presenter at a local safety meeting for Shell. We feel that these meetings are a proactive way for us to help protect our staff, customers and the general public while we work.  Some highlights of our presentation included things such as; risk assessments, COR certification, breaker room safety, sign damage issues, bucket truck operations, traffic hazards, and fall protection. Our safety coordinator Roger Regehr helps us stay on the right track to meet the specific needs of our customers.

We not only think about safety at work, but also around the home. Attached are some sping and summer public awareness warnings and safety tips for Giant Hogweed and Lawnmower safety. Check it out, and have a safe summer with your family.

Here is a link to a video on the giant hogweed:

Here is a link to a video which describes an accident on the island where a young boy lost a foot to a lawn mower:


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